Troubleshooting Switching Power Supplies – 5 Effective Guidelines to Help You Troubleshoot Them Fast

Published: 06th September 2010
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If you think that troubleshooting switching power supplies is difficult…think again!

See, fact of the matter is troubleshooting them is fairly easy and jolly fun too! You just need to follow a set of proven guidelines.

Now, let me reveal to you the 5 effective guidelines for troubleshooting switching power supplies. So read on…

Guideline 1

You must be well verse in reading and understanding schematic diagram of a switching power supply unit! And that’s not all…

You must learn as much as possible about every single component, how each one works, how each one affects the other, output voltages etc.

Also learn by heart about the 11 circuit functions in switching power supply along with voltages and critical waveforms. If you know all these things, then you’ll be able to locate the exact problems fast!

Guideline 2

Examine the components in the primary and secondary area in great detail. Trust me; it doesn’t take long once you get the hang of it.

Be on the lookout for typical failure issues like dried up main filter capacitors, faulty schottky diodes, displaced connection, decayed glue, faulty zener diode etc. Speaking of zener diode, you can assess its condition with a zener tester.

You know, you can actually build this powerful tester yourself on the cheap PLUS… it can be used to assess other components such as LED, schottky diodes and more!

Guideline 3

Sharpen your electronic testing skill as much as possible. I know, troubleshooting switching power supplies can be quite hassling…

For example, if you’re not familiar with a particular design, then you would need to take out every single component for testing purposes.

But if you’re highly skilled in testing electronic components, you will be able to complete the testing work much faster.

Guideline 4

If you need a reference repairing guide, then I suggest you get one that takes you step-by-step on how to repair switching power supplies including detailed description of each repairing process, full color pictures explaining the steps plus email support in case you have any difficulties.

Actually, you can DOWNLOAD a detailed guide for troubleshooting switching power supplies. It contains plenty of pictures and also has support from the author who is a highly experienced electronic engineer.

Follow this link for download information:

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