Training Cairn Terriers – How a Dirt Cheap Tool Helped Me Train My Cairn Terriers

Published: 02nd July 2010
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"I hate training Cairn terriers!" That's what my cousin said to me last year...

He was moaning non-stop about how hard it was to train his Cairn terrier puppies. He had two and they were ridiculously cute - rascal behavior and all.

So, my cousin was looking to give them away and I volunteered to take them as I've always been interested in this breed.

Indeed, the puppies I obtained from my cousin (I named them Elvis and Stambo) were difficult to train. Elvis and Stambo were always disobedient and they drove me nuts with their excessive nipping and jumping habits.

So, I decided to look for some effective training guide on the internet and came upon a sample video that teaches you how to effectively train dogs using a really dirt cheap tool (more details in the resource note below).

Now, this "dirt cheap tool" cost me only 2 dollars and with little time, patience, and the right step-by-step instructions, I discovered that training Cairn terriers can be relatively easy and enjoyable.

Okay, the cheap tool that I used to train Stambo and Elvis with maximum effectiveness is actually a clicker. Nothing special I know, but you can get pretty special results with if it is used in conjunction with killer clicker training strategies.

See, the manual I downloaded off the net taught me tons of optimal clicker tactics and I'm going to share a couple of good ones with you.

(1) Hand positioning - Ensure that your hands are at your sides when clicking. Click first and then move your hand to your pocket to reach for the treat. This will condition your Cairn terrier to react 100% to the clicker. Moving your hand before clicking would result in your dog reacting to the movement of your hand instead of the sound of the clicker.

(2) Concentrate on improving your dog's behavior fluency - During the initial stages of training, I focused on getting my puppies to become fluent in 3 basic behaviors - minimum. Once they were fluent with the 3 basic behaviors, I gradually introduce more slightly complicated behaviors using clicker timing tactic as a point of guide.

Resource note: If you're interested in downloading a complete clicker course for a beginner or pro, just follow this link: Plenty of specific clicker tactics for training Cairn terriers and also for other dog breed.

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