SMPS Repairing – How the Experts Repair SMPS Units

Published: 31st August 2010
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Want to know how to repair a switch mode power supply unit (SMPS)?

Okay first you must understand this: proper SMPS repairing procedure needs to be followed; otherwise you may diagnose a particular problem incorrectly.

Trust me; you absolutely do not want to commit incorrect diagnosis…I made this mistake and it turned out to be very costly!

Fortunately, I stumbled across a download only SMPS repairing guide which has helped sharpen my troubleshooting skills.

Thank goodness because I do not want to make the same mistake – wrong diagnosis is something I try to avoid at all cost!

By the way, you can learn more about the SMPS repairing guide by visiting the link provided at the end of this article.

Look, I’ve since discovered that fixing SMPS is really not that difficult. I’ve followed the steps outlined in that repair guide (written by an expert) numerous times AND I’ve applied what I learned to great success.

You know, a lot of experts successfully repair SMPS by…

…Fully understanding the basics of switch mode power supply. They know all about the components found in every section of SMPS units, how the entire unit functions and so on.

…Pinpointing the actual problem based on proper schematic diagram reviewing, and comprehending the critical waveforms and exact voltages of every section available in SMPS.

…Discovering the right output voltages and using the appropriate testers to examine the functionality of each SMPS component. For example, you can use a zener diode tester to identify possible problems occurring on other components – not just the zener diodes!

...Using several different approaches for repairing SMPS. In order to troubleshoot various types of SMPS, an expert may employ several different methods.

You see, once you understand how the unit works the function of each component, circuit design data, multiple repairing process etc, you’ll soon realize that it’s quite fun to fix SMPS.

What you should do is get a comprehensive manual on SMPS repairing (ideally one with full color photo demonstrations and step-by-step tutorials), you’ll learn a lot quicker if you follow this type of manual in a bit-by-bit fashion.

You can find that kind of manual by clicking right on this link:

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