SMPS Repair Manual – The 3 Critical Requirements of a Superior Quality SMPS Repairing Guide

Published: 16th September 2010
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It’s not easy to find a superior quality SMPS repair manual. Trust me, I spent days trying to find one that provides precise repairing instructions that are simple to understand, and easy to follow.

Lucky for you, I’ve finally found what I think is the best guide on repairing switch mode power supply. Therefore you don’t have to spend days trawling one website after another like I did!

Now, I regard this particular SMPS repair manual as top-notch simply because it met my 3 critical requirements.

Here’s the 3-step critical requirement that every superior quality repairing guide must live up to, otherwise forget about it…

Requirement 1: Make sure the manual provides elaborate introductory content.

Some guides lack proper introductory content. They just hurl you straight into action! That’s not a good thing especially if you’re newbie or intermediate technicians who are still fuzzy about the functionality of a SMPS.

Therefore, make sure you get an SMPS troubleshooting manual that gives easy to follow info on how to read and analyze block diagram of a SMPS, how to identify components, how to properly interpret a SMPS’s schematic diagrams, how to understand circuit patterns and so on.

Requirement 2: Make sure it offers comprehensive "T.S.T"

T.S.T stands for tools, safety rules, and troubleshooting techniques. I know of a few SMPS repair manuals that do not disclose adequate info on these 3 very important sub-topics.

A good manual will tell you what are the testing tools needed to carry out optimal repairing work (there are 8 in total), comprehensive safety rules and of course, ample of troubleshooting and repairing methods - all presented in a step-by-step way.

Requirement 3: Make sure the manual includes multiple case studies and "expert consultation" benefit.

I believe case studies are very important because they provide insights on how to solve various SMPS problems. However, that’s nothing compared to getting consultation from an expert…

Imagine this: Any problems you might have while repairing an SMPS…you obtain the necessary solutions by simply contacting an electronics repairing expert through email! Now, that’s what I call SUPERIOR quality!

As stated earlier, you can download an SMPS repair manual that meets the aforementioned requirements and more including full systematic instructional photos and diagrams.

Just check out this link:

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