SMPS Repair Guide – You Will Get the Best Guide if You Partake in This Advanced Multiple Choice Test

Published: 13th September 2010
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If you want to make sure you get an SMPS repair guide of the highest quality, then you’re going to want to participate in the following multiple choice test.

Don’t worry…This multiple choice quiz is very brief, fun and will provide you with the right information on how to obtain only the best SMPS repair guide out there.

(Spoiler: If you don’t like taking multiple choice quizzes, then you can go ahead and check out a top-notch SMPS reparation manual by clicking the link displayed at the end of this highly beneficial quiz!)

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

First Question: A high-quality repairing manual should cover how many sub-topics?

A. 3 sub-topics on repairing SMPS.

B. 7 sub-topics.

C. 20 sub-topics

The correct answer is C. The large number of sub-topics might seem a bit daunting but it really is for your own good.

In order to learn how to repair SMPS as fast as possible, you need to know "the game" from all aspects.

This include sub-topics like learning about block diagrams, understanding all circuit functions of SMPS, voltage and circuit waveforms testing, safety rules and much, much more.

Second Question: How many requisite methods that a high-quality SMPS repair guide MUST absolutely cover?

A. 3 requisite methods.

B. 5 requisite methods.

C. 16 requisite methods.

The right answer to this question is B. There are only 5 requisite methods and a top-quality guide must explain each one in crystal clear detail.

The 5 requisite methods are: the blue ring, the flickering, the isolation, the resistance test, and lastly, the secondary diode withdrawal method.

Third Question: The best troubleshooting and repairing manual should offer some kind of "bonus feature" to maximize training experience and knowledge. So which of the following do you think is THE MOST ideal bonus feature?

A. A dedicated page presenting a variety of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

B. A full audio version of the repairing guide.

C. 6-months full one-to-one email consultation with highly experienced electronics expert.

The most ideal answer is C. No two ways about it. One-to-one email consultation is extremely important. It’s like having your very own SMPS repair coach helping you every step of the way!

Bonus Question: How to find a top-rated

SMPS repair guide that’s full of easy instructions and also has one-to-one email support?

A. Ask Santa Claus.

B. Go directly to... to get download details.

The answer is B obviously. Just click on the link.

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