SMPS Repair – FREE Accredited Online Quiz to Develop Your Skills in Repairing SMPS

Published: 11th September 2010
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If you want to know how to conduct SMPS repair in the easiest and most efficient manner, then I suggest you take a brief moment to read through the "true or false" quiz below.

This quiz will help you develop a better understanding on some of the mechanics and skills required for doing SMPS repair work.

You’ll learn some common switch mode power supply problems, ideal tools and equipment for troubleshooting, the essential methods for repairing SMPS units and more.

(Note: If you hate quiz and need a top-quality guide on how to repair SMPS right away, just go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of this quiz. And then follow the provided link to check out a detailed switch mode power supply repair guide)

Okay, let’s boogie…

True or false? In order to fix various types of SMPS, you just need to know about the 6 circuit functions in SMPS.

FALSE! You must know a total of 11 circuit functions in SMPS. If you fully understand the mechanics of each circuit function, you should be able to handle just about any SMPS repair issues.

True or false? There are 6 COMMON issues found in SMPS units.

TRUE! The 6 common problems are complete power shutdown, high output voltage, low output voltage, intermittent power failure, power blinking/cycling and lastly, no power at all.

True or false? To successfully troubleshoot switch mode power supplies, you only need to use one testing tool - an analog multimeter.

FALSE! You need to amass a variety of tools and test equipment for troubleshooting various SMPS repair problems.

Apart from analog multimeter, you should also get a blue ring tester, blue ESR meter, AC ammeter, isolation transformer, zener diode tester etc.

True or false? There are 5 essential techniques for troubleshooting and restoring faulty SMPS.

TRUE! Here are the 5 essential techniques that you must learn: the isolation technique, the flickering technique, the secondary diode removal technique, the resistance technique and finally the blue ring tester technique.

True or false? One of the best ways to learn SMPS repair is via detailed, text-oriented service guide.

FALSE! One of the best ways is to refer detailed service guide that ALSO includes step-by-step photo directions along with one-to-one email support from an expert. You absolutely can’t go wrong with this type of service guide.

True or False? Step-by-step, photo instructional SMPS repair service guide that provides email support doesn’t exist.

FALSE! You can find a downloadable version by going to this link now

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