SMPS Problem – Top 5 Extremely Common SMPS Problems!

Published: 16th September 2010
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I started learning how to repair switch mode supplies (commonly abbreviated as SMPS) about a year ago. Thing were pretty rough initially. I couldn’t fix a single SMPS problem at first!

However, I managed to buck up and improve my repairing skills after I chanced upon a highly detailed SMPS troubleshooting and service manual (you may follow link displayed at the bottom for more info).

Since then, I’ve reconditioned numerous faulty SMPS! I dealt with a variety of SMPS problems and some of the EXTREMELY common ones are as follows:

Problem 1: Acidic Beverages

Now, you may be thinking, "say what? Acidic beverages can cause problems to SMPS? Are you high or something?"

Look, it’s true! I’ve discovered many faulty SMPS units that were stained with coffee, cola, even fruit juice residue!

Acidic beverages – even in small amounts – can cause severe damage to an SMPS circuit board.

Problem 2: Combusted Coil

This problem can easily be detected if the burn marks are located on the outer/external section of the winding coil. However, if the internal loop is combusted then there are only two ways to detect this particular SMPS problem:

(a) Use your nose to smell the coil!

(b) Take out the blue ring tester and use it to confirm internal loop damage.

Problem 3: Decayed Glue

I find this problem most annoying. It’s such a drag to scrape off decayed glue that has covered multiple SMPS components! The hardest part is that you have to do it in a very measured fashion or risk damaging the components’ delicate outer layers.

Problem 4: Micro Crack

On large-sized components, micro cracks are quite noticeable. But they are not quite visible on smaller-sized components so you’re going to need a magnifying glass to catch them!

Problem 5: Lack of User-Friendly Guide

This was a major problem for me. I wanted to learn SMPS repair but a complete, user-friendly guide on this subject was very hard to find!

Most SMPS repairing sites are laden with text. They are so boring and very hard to follow along…

See the real secret to learning how to troubleshoot and repair SMPS is by using a reference guide that is straightforward, full of step-by-step photos, illustrations, diagrams PLUS email support from an accomplished electronics technician/engineer.

That’s how I got so good at fixing faulty SMPS! Through practice and by referring detailed guide that also comes with support via email.

And you too can fix all sorts of SMPS problems by using a detailed, step-by-step guide with email help which is presented at Follow the link now for download details.

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