Reasons For Back Of Throat Bad Breath And How To Prevent It

Published: 09th January 2009
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The vast majority of bad breath cases are attributed to the presence of bacteria that resides within a person's mouth. Basically, a person's mouth has a number of oxygen deprived spots such as the back portion of the tongue, or openings in between the gum and teeth, causing food debris to be trapped, consequently providing bacteria the fuel to bring forth malodor causing waste products. However, a relatively small number of bad breath sufferers are known to induce the stench directly from the throat. How could this be possible considering the fact that the back of a person's throat is not normally regarded as a breeding place for anaerobic bacteria? Without a doubt, it is absolutely possible for malodor to originate from the throat, and what's more, the stench can be extremely unbearable and much worse than your typical bad breath. Below are the two major reasons for causing back of throat bad breath and suggestions on how to prevent them.
1. Pharyngitis - A medical term for sore throat. Pharyngitis often causes the throat to swell up with reddish color and is generally caused by viral infections. However, bacteria infections can also contribute to this condition and in some severe cases, may lead to extreme bad breath. To manage this problem effectively, it is best that you abstain from consuming alcohol or smoking for the interim period, (quitting the latter for good is highly preferable actually) and seek help from a physician as he or she could prescribe the appropriate antibiotics for treating the inflamed throat which may subsequently dissipates the foul smelling odor.

2. Tonsilloliths - Tonsil stones are an absolute nightmare because they emanate an incredibly stinky, nose busting odor that can be difficult to treat and may require surgery in order to be completely removed. These yellow-whitish, ball-shaped lumps stick at the back of the throat causing irritation. They can actually be taken out from the tonsil but will usually reappear after a day or two making the removal process a tiresome affair, not to mention redundant.

Those who no longer wish to have their sufferings prolonged would usually opt for the coup de grace - tonsil surgery, or tonsillectomy, a sure-fire method for ridding those irritating stink balls for good. Although effective, post-tonsillectomy can be a completely harrowing experience, so one should give conventional, non-surgical methods a fair run before pursuing the former as they can also be almost as effective after continual application.

A really good way of averting the dreaded stink balls is to mix a couple of 2 teaspoons of honey and bicarbonate soda in a glass of warm water. The mix should be gargled for a minute or so before drinking. Another widely used, non-surgical method for treating tonsil stones is to gargle with warm salt water. Also keep in mind that smoking and drinking should be kept at the absolute minimum to prevent tonsilloliths from causing extreme back of throat bad breath.

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