Homemade Solar Energy - Expect 100% Success Rate If You Follow The Right Instructional Materials

Published: 28th April 2010
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When it comes to making your own homemade solar energy system, there's one instructional material that every beginner should refer to in order to attain 100% success rate!

Building a solar panel is not like putting a bunch Lego pieces together. There are fairly sophisticated processes involved.

I figured most beginners would have a little bit of a problem with wiring as well as soldering the tab of each solar cell. They certainly did give me a few head scratching moments!

See, I wanted to install a solar panel for my work shed. I was also looking to reduce my power bills and do my bit for the environment but alas...

The cost ready-made solar panels are too prohibitive for a retiree like me!

Fortunately, I was told that one can build a solar power system for home without draining the bank account. I was also told that all the necessary instructions can be found on the internet!

Okay sounds good BUT...

...there's one important thing you should know about.

The net is riddled with inaccurate, jargon crammed and difficult to follow instructions!

However, I was finally able to assemble a pretty decent homemade solar energy system with the aid of step-by-step video lessons along with printed photo manuals.

Yes, to me videos have to be the most ideal instructional material!

Not just any sort of DIY videos mind you...

I've encountered quite a number DIY solar energy guides. Some are too pricey (200 dollars!), the printed ones contained too many complicated diagrams, and several videos I found were very poorly shot with no clear step-by-step instructions.

The videos that I currently use have all the necessary qualities to make it easy for beginners to put together their own homemade solar energy system - although I can't help but wish that the instructor, Brian Clark had shaved his facial scruff!

If you're interested, here's where you can find homemade solar energy instructional videos for beginners along with some photo manuals.
Follow this link to -- > http://www.howtobuildyourownsolarpanel.com/ to view the instruction and download details.

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