Growing Spring Onions – A Gardening Solution That Requires Minimum Effort Yet Produces Max Harvest

Published: 26th October 2010
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I used to hate growing spring onions. You know, I tried growing them for nearly a year and had little to show for. Mine grew thinly and drooped over!

Fortunately, I found a simple solution to this problem…

The solution is absolutely terrific because not only did it help me grow beautiful organic spring onions, it also reduces my gardening workload!

You see, before I came upon this solution, I had to do all those tiring gardening undertakings like weeding, pest repelling and following tight planting schedules.

I also had to adjust imbalanced soils by planting green manure crops, adding more fertilizers and so on. But thanks to this solution, I no longer need to do all these things.

Now, I finally discovered the joy of growing spring onions and maintaining a healthy, organic vegetable garden! I don’t know about you, but I prefer this formula…minimum effort, maximum harvest.

So ecosystem gardening is the solution that follows the minimum effort, maximum harvest formula to perfection…

You only need to put in a very small amount of effort (compared to traditional gardening techniques) to ensure your garden is able to produce plenty of organic spring onions along with other delicious vegetables and fruits.

Growing spring onions using the ecosystem gardening technique is so simple and effective. Here are some tips to help you get started.

(1) Make sure you set up your vegetable garden in such a way that weeds will not be able to grow at all. It’s possible to do this using a planting scheme that allows a wide range of edible plants to occupy each niche space in your garden.

(2) The spring onion seeds should be sown shallow. Sow them too deep and you’ll probably get zero results.

(3) I often use warm water in the beginning. Once I see some positive growth, I change to watering them using cool water.

And here’s the most important tip!

Create a powerful composting plan to feed the soil. Trust me, if you want to grow spring onions successfully, then you have to makes sure the feeding of the soil is all well and proper.

In order to operate a rich, high producing organic vegetable garden, you definitely require some kind of soil conditioning system.

The system doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply apply a generous layer of quality compost on the surface several times each year.

You can make your own compost from the organic waste that you produce in your daily life.

I love growing spring onions and other organic vegetables using the ecosystem gardening technique. If you want to view step by detailed step videos on how to set up an ecosystem organic garden, just click on this

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