Dell LCD Monitor Troubleshooting – Specific Solutions for Troubleshooting 2 Dell LCD Monitor Issues

Published: 04th November 2010
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I’ve completed a good deal of Dell LCD Monitor Troubleshooting gigs in the past couple of weeks. Most of the problems were pretty common…

Some had what you call the ‘on-and-off’ LED light problem with blank screen. Also there were a couple of issues concerning LEDs with no light and no display on screen, yet operating voltage was present!

Weird huh?

Now, let me tell you some of the things I did to solve these problems. The first thing I did was placed my handy A4 size jumbo repair manual right on my repair desk.

See I started learning how to repair computer LCD monitors at the end of last year. Although, I’ve gained a fair share of experience doing Dell LCD monitor troubleshooting along with other brand models, I still use this jumbo manual for quick reference – just in case you know.

By the way, I call it a "jumbo manual" because it’s like 200 pages long and the amount of step-by-step photos number by the hundreds! Later you can take a look at the download-only guide by following the link displayed at the end of this article.

The On-and-Off LCD Symptom

Alright now, let’s say you have a Dell brand LCD monitor with the on-and-off LED symptom, first thing you should do is check out the inverter board. This type of problem is often caused by defective capacitors as well as transistors.

Also, go over the high voltage transformer and see if there are any dry joints. If you do find dry joints, then putting on some fresh solder should do the trick.

The backlight part needs to be examined too. I’ve had a few cases where faulty backlights resulted in the LED lights coming on and off repeatedly and then the screen goes blank. Sometimes fixing the backlight alone would solve the problem.

The Strange Case of No LED/Display

Now, we go over one of the weirdest Dell LCD monitor troubleshooting cases I’ve ever faced…

In this case, the faulty LCD monitor had no LED light and display, however voltages were pulsating…

Many would think that the problem is caused by damaged power IC and swollen filter capacitors but in my experience, that wasn’t the case.

This rather peculiar condition was actually caused by the field effect transistor (FET)! So if you’re currently experiencing this problem, I recommend you perform a thorough inspection on the FET.

So, if you need a complete and easy to follow guide for Dell LCD monitor troubleshooting and other brand models, try downloading this highly organized repair manual.

Go to: for download details.

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