Container Vegetable Gardening – Special Container Gardening Technique for Generating Maximum Food

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Published: 23rd November 2010
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Container vegetable gardening is perfect for folks residing in a townhouse, apartment or condo complex. However, a lot of people do it the wrong way…

Look, I have a wonderful organic container vegetable garden, and folks have been asking me tips on how I set it up in such a way that it generates a prolific amount of food.

Yes, as a matter of fact, my special container vegetable gardening technique grows so much more organic vegetables than their traditional container gardens!

Now, here’s the good news. I’m going to let you in on this special gardening technique. Also, I’ll also let you know some of the key benefits of this technique, and how to set it up right in your condo or apartment complex…

And for easier reading, I’m going to tell you all these things in FAQ format.

Question 1: What exactly is this "special gardening technique"?

The technique is called ecosystem gardening. I’ve been applying the principles of this wonderful technique on my organic vegetable garden to great success.

The ecosystem gardening is very advanced, yet not as labor intensive compared to traditional gardening methods. It involves the usage of edible plants and some effective composting tactics.

The result is a formula of growing fresh and juicy organic food prolifically (within a given area), capable of self continuation and requires almost nil maintenance.

Question 2: What are other benefits of using the ecosystem way of doing container vegetable gardening?

An ecosystem organic garden is able to develop a natural form of pest management. This is possible due to the compact mixed up nature of the ecosystem garden which also prevents weeds from growing.

Yes…in a properly set up ecosystem garden, weeds can’t grow at all!

Question 3: How do you set up an ecosystem container vegetable garden?

First you have to obtain several containers with adequate drainage holes. Put some quality potting mix in each container. Next, arrange the containers in a very compact fashion.

Basically, you have to group the containers closely together and try to squeeze as many as possible onto your patio or verandah.

For composting, I suggest you purchase a worm farm and use the worm casts as soil fertilizer. An elaborate composting scheme is not necessary for ecosystem container garden.

Container vegetable gardening using the ecosystem methodology is very simple and fun to set up. Try downloading some step-by-step video tutorials and printable guide, and you’ll see how easy and fun it is. Download details can be found at

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