Computer SMPS Troubleshooting – Here are 5 Convenient Ways to Troubleshoot Computer SMPS

Published: 01st September 2010
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Computer SMPS troubleshooting might seem tricky at first, but rest assured it’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Look, I’ve done my fair share of switch mode power supply repairs (SMPS). Seriously, it didn’t take me long to grasp the inner workings of an SMSP and the methods needed to fix them.

Granted, I had to purchase a detailed guide crammed with instructional photos to help me initially! All in all, I think fixing an SMPS is slightly more difficult but a lot more fun than repairing linear power supplies.

Speaking of detailed guide, there's one worth a look because it’s so user-friendly. You can check it out at the end of this article.

Alright, when it comes to computer SMPS troubleshooting, I have a few tips here that should be of use to you. Trust me - repairing a faulty SMPS is not that difficult…

Computer SMPS Troubleshooting tip 1:

Take the appropriate measurement to determine the reason of failure. The other day, I fixed a customer’s ATX power supply. I discovered that overvoltage was one the primary reasons of failure.

Tip 2:

Examine all electrolytic capacitors properly. You need to have eyes of a hawk here! See carefully…one or more capacitors maybe damaged, loose etc. Replace accordingly.

Tip 3:

Once again, you need to be on hawk eye mode to see if there’s any sign of decayed glue on the components. If you see some on the capacitors, diodes, resistors etc then promptly clean them off.

Tip 4:

Now once you’ve taken care of the problem, don’t fix the SMPS to the main CPU just yet! Be sure to test it on a ‘dummy CPU’. This is to protect the main CPU in case overvoltage issue persists.

Final Computer SMPS Troubleshooting tip:

Should you require a detailed printable guide on how to repair all kinds of SMPS problems, be sure to get one that includes email consultation from the author.

Email consultation from an expert will go a long way in helping you improve your SMPS repairing skills.

Look, you can discover the proper way to conduct computer SMPS troubleshooting, plus many workable, practical solutions by following detailed step-by-step instructional guide presented at this website:

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