Computer Power Supply Troubleshooting – How Mr. Ronaldo Repaired His Switch Mode Power Supply

Published: 08th September 2010
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If you’re having some problems with your computer power supply troubleshooting, then you definitely want to take a few moments to read the following story.

This story will give you some insights on how to effectively troubleshoot and repair computer power supplies – specifically switch mode power supplies (SMPS).

It’s about Mr. Ronaldo, a former futsal player turned electronics technician.

WARNING: This story has a VERY tragic ending…If you cry easily, please keep some tissues by your side.

Mr. Ronaldo used to dislike repairing computer SMPS because unlike linear power supplies, he founds SMPS designs too complicated to figure out. Plus, he was still a beginner technician.

So here’s what he did…

First, Ronaldo downloaded a thick, user-friendly service manual on how to conduct proper computer power supply troubleshooting. By the way, you may click here for details…

See, Ronaldo knew the importance of using a fully illustrated technical guide on repairing switch mode power supplies.

He knew that he’d learn better and faster by reading step-by-step illustrated guide, as opposed to reading a text-only SMPS service manual.

Ronaldo has read all the necessary details including schematic diagrams, how to identify the components available in various SMPS, block diagram, common issues of SMPS etc.

All these and more were fully explained in the downloadable guide. So Ronaldo was ready to perform his first computer power supply troubleshooting.

First, he took the necessary measurement and found that the power supply had overvoltage problem. Next, he took off the casing and came across several dilapidated electrolytic capacitors.

And that’s not all!

He also discovered that some of the major components were stained with decayed glue! So Ronaldo promptly scraped off the decayed glue. He did it very carefully because he did not wish to compromise the components.

Ronaldo also replaced the dilapidated electrolytic capacitors with new ones. Next, he plugged the SMPS to a "test" hard disk and motherboard.

As a precautionary measure, he did not straightaway plug the SMPS to the actual CPU. Ronaldo learned from the repair guide he downloaded earlier that the high output voltages problem might still linger.

Thankfully, the power supply works on the test hard disk and motherboard. Measurements were made and the output voltages were deemed stable.

Finally, Ronaldo connected the SMPS to the actual CPU. Success! To celebrate his first successful SMPS repairing work, Ronaldo went out and grab a cold beer.

And then he sat on his favorite couch, turned on the TV to watch his favorite football/soccer team, Real Madrid. They were up against Barcelona…

Barcelona won 2-0! Mr. Ronaldo was so upset with the outcome that he committed suicide…A tragic ending to an up-and-coming electronics technician.

R.I.P Mr. Ronaldo…

Still if you need a step-by-step downloadable manual on how to conduct precise computer power supply troubleshooting and repairing like the late Mr. Ronaldo had, then go ahead and follow this link now

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