Chihuahua Puppy Training – Discover the Perfect Way to Train Your Chihuahua Puppy

Published: 13th July 2010
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When it comes to Chihuahua puppy training, you definitely need to be calm and patient. This breed is easily provoked and they always crave attention and exercise.

You know, my naughty Chihuahua Flamey is like that - attention addict! So I always do a few fun dog exercises with her everyday but this did not help change her naughty habits.

See, Flamey likes to bolt out the door and I find that habit extremely irritating!

But, the biggest problem was her nipping behavior. She loves nipping on just about every soft material in the house. She nipped on my favorite sweater, my socks, tablecloth, curtain and God knows what else...

Enough, already!

I was tired of putting up with her crazy behavior! Training her was no cakewalk and this often got me s-o-o-o- riled up!

So, I looked up on the internet for some advice on Chihuahua puppy training and stumbled upon a guide that teaches you how train a dog with the help of a clicker.

The guide contains clearly explained training instructions for 30 different dog behaviors. It even showed me how to shape new behaviors in my Chihuahua using a very intensive but easy to follow training plan.

No problem! Several training sessions later, I managed to get Flamey to quit her excessive nipping habit. I'm happy as a clam because I can't believe that Chihuahua puppy training using a clicker can be so effective and fun.

For me clicker training is the perfect way to train one's Chihuahua puppy and if you choose to adopt this training method, then take note of these tips:

(1) When clicking be sure to position your hand by your sides. Reach for the reward/treat in your pocket after clicking. This is the best way to teach your puppy to respond to the clicker. If you reach for the treat before clicking, your puppy may end up responding to your hand movement and we want to avoid that.

(2) Always, always, always charge the clicker. If you charge it correctly, then you would not need more than 10 - 30 clicks to teach your puppy to completely respond to the clicker. However do keep in mind that it may take slightly longer if the charging process is done in places with distractions.

Trust me, with a clicker in hand and the proper instructions in place, Chihuahua puppy training can be effectively done in minimal period of time.

By the way, if you're interested in Chihuahua puppy training using proven clicker dog training techniques, just follow this link: to check out download details.

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