Border Terrier Training – 3 Ways to Ramp up Your Training Results

Published: 02nd July 2010
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I have a Border Terrier at home and boy; he used to be a real tough customer. I named him Ruru. Now, Ruru used to go all kooky especially when he sees little animals moving about. It totally bothers me whenever I see him go after them poor creatures like a demented psychopath.

And if that wasn't bad enough, he doesn't like to be trained as he tends to become bored fast. did I solve this problem then?

Listen, Border terrier training can be fun and simple if you use a clicker. Really, by following specific clicker techniques, I found that teaching Ruru basic dog obedience commands, housebreaking training and even teaching him cool dog tricks was not that hard after all.

See, I learned a lot of clicker techniques after reading this clearly explained clicker training manual. I haven't read through the whole thing mind you. I'm only at chapter 5 now and so far the training instructions have been great.

Look, I'll reveal to you the link where you can download the manual straight to your computer but first, let's check out a few effective ways to ramp up your border terrier training results with the aid of a clicker.

(1) Charging a clicker before training is vital as we need to train our dogs to associate the sound a clicker with treats. This can be accomplished by offering your dog a treat and then click once he has finished it. Do this about 5 to 7 times. Take a brief break and then move on to the main training program of the day.

(2) When teaching your Border Terrier a new behavior, do remember to use reinforcer (reward/treats) that is of better quality than his regular meals.

(3) Maximize training time by offering treats that are soft so that your dog can chew and swallow faster. Our aim here is to avoid wasting training time so it is best not to give out hard treats. You want to be able to offer a treat that your dog can chew very quickly and proceed to the next training stage.

So, if you're interested in conducting Border terrier training using little known yet super effective clicker training techniques, just follow this link: It's a downloadable manual so you can discover a new twist to clicker training with step-by-step examples fast.

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