2 Nutrition Periods For An Amazingly Fast Muscle Mass Development

Published: 09th January 2009
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Weight training and nutrition are without a doubt the two mandatory components of developing a healthy muscular physique. If you're unable to give the utmost attention to both components, you may as well quit wasting your time and bid adios to your muscle gains. Now when it comes to the subject of nutrition for muscle mass development, I believe that many people are aware of the basics like consuming adequate amount of calories, eat plenty of rich protein foods, proper consumption of low glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats among other things. That being said, I find that the vast majority of people are unaware of 2 absolutely essential periods for feeding the body with muscle building meals or supplements. These 2 periods must be capitalized by anyone who is interested in boosting their muscle mass development to greater heights in a relatively short period of time.

1. Post-Workout Nutrition - Fuelling your body with muscle gaining nutrients is a must especially after an intense iron blasting workout. I used to play down this highly important timeframe back when I first started lifting weights, and boy, did I sold myself short! A highly intense weight training session will most definitely put your body in a state of extreme stress and this elevates your muscles ability to absorb much more nutrients than usual.

What should one consume during post-workout? Well, a serving or two of rapid absorbing protein source such as whey (mixed in plain water) would be best, along with a serving of simple sugar like corn sugar. Whey is commonly known as the king of protein due to its vast amount of BCAA (Branched chain amino acids), an extremely critical component for increasing mass, and further more, this protein source can be quickly absorbed by your muscles thus increasing the rate of protein synthesis within the body.

As for simple sugar, they are required in order to trigger a massive insulin-spike in your body. Is insulin spike necessary in connection to muscle growth? You bet it is! By increasing your insulin rapidly, every ounce of whey protein that you've consumed will be pushed right into your muscle cells at an extremely quick rate, resulting in faster and better gains.

2. Pre-Bedtime Nutrition - The cardinal rule of bodybuilding is that your body must be continually fed with muscle building nutrients every 3 to 4 hours. Failure to do so will greatly decrease your chances of increasing muscular size and strength, and this is an outright fact.

So how are you going to feed your body with the necessary nutrients every few hours when you're going to wound up sleeping for 8 hours straight by the end the day? Well, here's where pre-bedtime comes into the picture. In order to minimize muscle breakdown during sleep, it is imperative that you prepped your body with slow-release meals that are loaded with essential nutrients for repairing and rebuilding muscle tissues before calling it a night.

Milk and cottage cheese are two excellent slow-released muscle building foods. If you have the budget, get a tub of high quality whey protein. Although very fast acting, you can actually turn whey into a time-released protein by combining it together with a glass of milk. Don't go overboard when preparing a pre-bedtime meal, otherwise you might have trouble sleeping and may end gaining additional bodyfat as well. A glass of milk mixed with whey along with a small bowl of oatmeal, or a piece of whole wheat toast will set you on the right path to a fast muscle development even when you're fast asleep!

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